FAQ: Do I need an English degree to make money as a proofreader?

Sep 11, 2020 | FAQs, Proofreading

Nope, nope, nope! You do not need an English degree or be certified to make money proofreading. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about proofreading

It often surprises people when they find out they just need their grammar skills to make money proofreading…no fancy degrees or certifications required. In fact, it’s one of the biggest misconceptions about proofreading.

Most people think that in order to start a business and be successful as a proofreader, that a degree or certification will make it easier to get proofreading jobs.

I’m a college dropout myself. And I can honestly say that not once have I needed a degree or a certification (or even been asked) in order to get any of the proofreading jobs I’ve had since I started in 2006 — and I’ve had a lot of proofing jobs!

I’ve found that proofing jobs which “require” a degree or certifications are doing it because it seems like the smart thing to put on a list of job must-haves, but when it comes down to it, they really don’t care if you are certified or have a degree.

What’s actually important

What’s important to the person looking to hire you as a proofreader is that you can do the job well — catch the typos and grammar errors and make them look good!

The key to applying for jobs that do “require” a degree or certification is to showcase the skills you do have to prove you have what it takes to do your job. (And you bet we cover exactly how to do that inside Make Money Proofreading!)

Now, there are certain fields you can go into, like very technical proofreading fields (medical, for instance), where having a strong background in technical terminology or even a degree would be extremely beneficial, and there are jobs for prestigious medical journals that could reasonably require a degree to proofread for them.

Even then, if you can demonstrate you have the medical knowledge without the degree, you can still be qualified without a degree or certification.

To make money as a proofreader you need to know how to set up your business and how to market yourself as the best proofreader out there for your clients. And the awesome thing about that is, you can totally learn how to set up your business AND get clients…all without the time and money it takes to get a college degree.

It’s actually not hard to set up your proofreading business OR market yourself.

Want to know a secret? It’s actually not hard to set up your business OR market yourself. It can sound intimidating, but if you know the steps to take and have someone guide you along, you can have your business started in no time flat (6 days actually!), and you can start working on getting clients and making money. It doesn’t have to be complicated. (Because nobody has time for complicated!)

Just one more thing to love about proofreading

You don’t need anything fancy to get started. You take your love for grammar and you help people make their writing look amazing with the skills you already have.

Be an action taker!

Tap here to get started on the 6-Day Launch Your Proofreading Business Challenge and get your proofreading business ready to go…college degree or not!


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