October Social Media Content Ideas For Proofreaders

Sep 23, 2020 | Marketing, Proofreading

Not sure what to post about in October for your proofreading social media accounts?

I got you!

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with good content for your proofreading social media accounts. Here are some fun, quirky, and important days to post about in October as a proofreader (along with some ideas what to say about those days).

Feel free to use any or all of these as you plan out your October posts.

October 1st: Coffee Day (United Kingdom)

Even though I can’t stand the taste of coffee, just about every writer and proofreader (and really, everyone) I know is fueled by it!

  • Ask your followers to post a picture of themselves drinking their cup of coffee in your Facebook comments or tag you in their Instagram stories.
  • Ask for people to comment their favorite coffee drink.
  • Host a giveaway for a $5 Starbucks gift card if they share your post, sign up to be on your email list, request a proofreading quote, etc.

October 1st: National Homemade Cookies Day

Now this is a day I can get behind! I. love. cookies. I can’t really think of anyone who doesn’t!

(In fact, a proofreading marketing technique I’ve done: I baked up my favorite homemade cookies, wrapped them up in pretty baskets, attached my rate sheet and business cards, and delivered them to local potential clients.)

  • Share your favorite cookie recipe and ask your followers to share theirs. 
  • Not a social media post, but bake up cookies and deliver to local potential clients!

October 3rd: National Poetry Day

If you love poetry or proofread for poets, this is your day!

  • Share your favorite poem or line of poetry.
  • Share facts about your favorite poet.
  • If you proofread for poets:
    • Offer a special deal on your proofreading services today for poets.
    • Share why you love working with poets.
    • Feature any poets you’ve worked with in the past (if you had their permission first, of course).

October 4th: National Cinnamon Roll Day

Use this day as an excuse to bake some cinnamon rolls and eat them while you proofread! National food days, like this one, are obviously just for fun — and it’s an easy way to make your audience smile.

  • Post a picture of your amazing cinnamon rolls next to your laptop while you’re proofreading.

October 16th: Dictionary Day

If there’s one thing a proofreader can’t live without, it’s a dictionary.

Dictionary Day commemorates Daniel Webster’s birthday — he was born on this day, October 16th, in 1758. He published his famous dictionary, A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language, in 1806. You can read more about Daniel Webster here on Merriam-Webster’s site!

  • Share your favorite word and definition, and then ask your followers to share theirs.
  • Share a fun fact about Daniel Webster.

October 20th: National Day On Writing

NaNoWriMo kicks off in November, but to get a head start, the 20th is National Day on Writing — and I can’t think of too many better holidays for a proofreader to celebrate! After all, you’re here to help writers look good. So time to celebrate those writers you work with!

  • Feature writers you’ve worked with (if they’re okay with you sharing!).
  • Ask your audience to share:
    • Why they write.
    • What their favorite part of writing is.
    • What their favorite thing they’ve written is.

October 22nd: CAPS LOCK DAY

This day made me laugh. We all know someone who loves to use their caps lock! And I’m sure as a proofreader, you’ve probably had to correct some accidental shouting going on.

  • Share an appropriately funny meme.
  • Explain when and why it’s appropriate or not to use caps lock.

October 30th: Candy Corn Day

You either love it or you hate it. There’s really not an in between. Because candy corn is so polarizing, it’s fun to get people’s reactions on it and is worth posting about just for some entertaining interaction on your page.

In case you were wondering…I. Love. Candy. Corn.

  • Ask who loves or hates candy corn.
  • If candy corn is your fall proofreading fuel, share a picture of your half-eaten bag of candy corn while you’re working.

October 31st: Halloween

The main holiday of the month, Halloween!

  • If you’ve ever gotten dressed up in a proofreading-themed costume, most definitely share that picture!
  • Ask people what they’re doing to celebrate.
  • Share your favorite Halloween tradition and ask people theirs.

National Ergonomics Month

October is National Ergonomics Month. Usually when I think of ergonomics, I think of my cubicle days. But you can still set up an ergonomic workspace when you work from home (and you should!).

We all know writers spend a lot of time at their desk. So take this month to not just practice come good ergonomic habits yourself, but help your clients know how to have a great desk setup themselves so they can keep working on content (that they’ll be sending to you shortly!).

There are a lot of resources online about ergonomics you can check out to learn more for yourself, including here at Therapeutic Associates, Science Daily, and Shape.

  • Share pictures of your ergonomic office setup (or if you don’t have your office set up well, then show how you’re making positive changes throughout the month).
  • Share ergonomic tips you practice yourself and how they’ve helped you.
  • Ask your followers to share what they do to make their office space more ergonomic.

Always post with your clients in mind.

Whether you decide to post about some or all of these ideas in October, remember to always post with your clients in mind. That means each post should be for your clients or potential clients. Ask yourself if your post will:

  • Give them helpful information.
  • Make them smile.
  • Make them feel heard and understood and like you know them.
  • Encourage them to work with you (or recommend you).

If your posts do that, then you’ll have happy, engaged followers who can’t wait to work with you (or are excited to refer you to someone who is looking for a proofreader). Mission accomplished!

What do you think? 

Do you have any other fun or serious days you’re celebrating in October? Let me know in the comments below!

Be an action taker!

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