A Cheat Sheet for You, The Busy Proofreader

Frequently confused grammar rules & words made super easy in one easy-to-view reference guide.

Stop wasting time trying to remember or look up words and rules and get back to proofreading! OR use it as a tool to help you brush up on your grammar skills and spelling so you’re ready to start proofreading at a moment’s notice.

An 11-paged PDF with grammar rules + word definitions and usage + fillable note page. The proofreader’s new best friend.

The best $7 you’ll spend so far this week year.

Download the PDF cheat sheet straight to your laptop (or your phone or iPad) or print it off.

Either way you’ll have it ready to use whenever you’re proofreading.

I’ve proofread for nearly fifteen years…and I still forget rules or oddly spelled words. That’s especially the case if I’m really busy concentrating and have gotten into a flow. Something pops up that I just know is wrong, but I can’t figure out why it is or what to correct it to. 

Of course, there are super handy reference tools we can pull out. But sometimes you have to look a minute in those. When you’re concentrating, you don’t have a minute. You need it right then.

That’s why I put together this super fast, super simple reference sheet. Simply scroll through the alphabetized words and rules to find exactly what you need to remember and plug into your proofreading project.

I’m Elizabeth,

course creator, work-from-home entrepreneur, and fellow grammar lover. Over the last 10+ years, I’ve made thousands with my proofreading side gig. But there’s nothing special about me. YOU can do the same thing too. It’s all about taking the skills you already have and learning how to make money with those skills.