I just got done working out earlier this afternoon.

Yep. I took time to work out in the middle of the workday.

And I’m making it a point to NOT be ashamed to admit it.

Because I want to talk to you about something super important.

I’m sure y’all have heard of the #hustle movement.

You know, the one where you are literally working your butt off to make your goals happen.

So maybe not literally. But you’re sacrificing a lot to get whatever goals you have for your life completed. Maybe that’s starting your own business, killing it at the job you currently have, being an awesome mom…

I see a TON of it in the digital marketing communities I’m part of. And I hear all the time from friends, moms, entrepreneurs.

It largely started to help motivate the…not as motivated people out there. Those who need the extra encouragement to stop making excuses and start working to make their dreams happen.

But it’s a movement that’s bled over into the type-A world.

We with these type-A, driven personalities push ourselves to oftentimes set unrealistic expectations for ourselves. We never let ourselves take breaks…we feel pressure to keep up that lifestyle in front of others so we won’t be shamed for not always hustling.

I can’t tell you how many times with my job I’ve felt the need to keep late-night hours, work through weekends, keep my phone on during date nights — all so I don’t look like I’m slacking to other teammates.

I can’t tell you how many team meetings I’ve been on where someone will be talking about how many hours they’ve been putting in or how they’ve made this or that huge, unrealistic sacrifice to get a project completed.

Or I hear moms talk about their children and how they are surely the busiest around because of their kids…

The list goes on and on.

And I’ve fallen into that trap so. many. times. Of having to always be busy, always be hustling.

Because I want to feel needed. Important. Respected.

Because if, for some reason, I decided to take a break, then somehow I’m just not as valuable as the person who pushed through.

At some point, you’ve probably felt the same kind of pressure.

The kind of pressure that if you do happen to take a breather here and there throughout the week, that you’re embarrassed — even ashamed! — to admit it!

You don’t want to admit you grabbed a 20-minute nap while your kid was sleeping or took time to get a drink with a friend during the workday.

Or — gasp! — that you happened to take the weekend off, ended your workday at a reasonable hour, or even had a day that just wasn’t that busy! Heaven forbid you ever admit that!

To combat those feelings of inadequacy (even failure!), we pack our days fuller and fuller…and sometimes we even make up that we were busy so we aren’t shamed into not being in the #hustle mindset.

And what does it lead to? High stress levels. Anxiety attacks. Decline in health. Functioning at less than optimal levels. Even changed personalities.

So today I’m here to punch that #hustle mindset in the face. And to tell you that it’s 100% ok to take a break if you need it.

Those breaks don’t have to be long. They can be standing ten minutes longer in the shower than you actually needed to. Or taking a moment out of your day to run out to get a coke at the gas station. Or heck, maybe it’s even taking time to watch your favorite TV show without dragging your laptop down to the living room with you.

Or…get ahold of this…maybe it’s taking the weekend off of work.

Because YOU need it.

Your family needs it.

Your work needs it.

Believe it not, you’re not doing anyone any good when you’re constantly functioning on low battery. Take time to charge yourself.

And then don’t be bullied into feeling like you’re failing or slacking at life because you took a moment to enjoy life beyond work…or even your kids.

And, for crying out loud, stop shaming others around you when they take a break.

Let’s end this “#hustle all the time” mentality. Right now.

Comment below what you’ve done today to give yourself a breather.

If there wasn’t anything today, what about in the last three days, or even this last week? (And if you can’t think of anything…then get that on your plans for tonight!)

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