Ready to write your online job application and land a job now?

But WAIT!! 🛑

Before you start applying, make sure you know the six essential steps you must do to get your dream work-from-home job. 

It’s a tedious process applying for jobs online — so be smart about writing your application!

You’re excited to get going, and you have some jobs lined up that you’re ready to apply for.

But there are so many steps to take in that application process! And you probably feel like there are at least a dozen other applicants.

So the million-dollar question is…how do you make yourself stand out against the others who are applying — and make sure you nail that application process. 

Throughout my past years of in-person and virtual management, I’ve sifted through lots of application emails.

Lemme tell you: Because a lot of applications come in for just one position, it takes a solid, well-written email to jump out at me and make me want to take a second look.

Your first application email needs to steal the show.

No pressure, right?

Even though it sounds intimidating at first, don’t worry! I’ve got your back!

You don’t need to leave the application process up to luck.

Read on for the six essential steps that make the difference between you getting hired within days of applying…or getting a “thanks, but no” email back instead.

1. Read the entire job posting before you start to apply

One of the worst things you can do when applying to a job is to ignore a key part to the job posting. So if you’re excited (or in a rush to apply) and you start skimming, you’re going to miss something important.

So be sure to read the ​entire job posting. And then read it again (even a third or fourth time won’t hurt).

Sometimes the posting will ask questions you’re supposed to answer in your cover letter. Highlight those so you don’t miss them!

But even if there aren’t specific questions for you inside the job posting, check to see if there are unwritten questions.

  • Does the job posting talk about specific hours of availability needed?
  • What skills are required?
  • Is a personality type mentioned (outgoing, diligent, etc.)?

If an employer has taken time to mention qualities or skills they are looking for in an applicant, it means they are important.

So take time to talk about how you match up to those unwritten questions the job posting talks about.

With that one step, you’ve made it super easy for your prospective employer to see exactly how qualified you are for the job!

2. Write your application email specifically for the job posting

When you have a lot of applications to write, it’s really tempting to copy/paste your application from one job to another.

But if you want to stand out, you must write a unique application to each job.

It may seem like you can get away with it because your potential employer isn’t going to see every application you send out. BUT…there are secret ways to tell!

  • An impersonal “Hey!” to start the email off with, instead of calling the job poster by name
  • Talking about completely different topics than what the job posting was about
  • Very generically referring to the company — or even referencing a completely different company altogether (eeesh!)

So instead of rushing through your online job application, take time to write a really good cover letter. It will take longer than copy/pasting, but the interviewer really will be able to tell a difference — and they’re much more likely to email you back than if they got a generic email from you.

It’s 200% worth the extra time if you end up landing the job!

3. Be enthusiastic!

If you’re excited about the virtual job you’re applying for, don’t be afraid to show it in your application!

I LOOOOOVE to get an email from an applicant who is just overflowing with passion for a job.

Because it helps me see two things.

  1. I know if someone’s excited about a job, they’re most likely going to throw themselves into their projects and do an awesome job.
  2. It helps me get to know them better as a person. Because email can get kinda boring as opposed to meeting someone face-to-face for an interview.

If I can get an email that answers all the questions in my job posting but still seems cold or super ​blah, I’m not getting excited about that email.

One of my most memorable teammates I’ve ever hired replied to a job posting with such a warm, happy email, it made it a total no-brainer to hire her. Even though it’s been years since her initial email, I ​still remember it! She directly answered my job posting and was super excited about getting to come on board if she was hired.

That’s the kind of email you want to write — one that stands out because you’re enthusiastic for the job.

(If you’re not excited about the job, keep looking for one until you find one you ARE excited about!)

4. Keep​ the focus on the employer (instead of yourself)

This is probably the hardest part of writing an email, and it’s the most common mistake I’ve seen in applications.

Write your online job application for the employer.

That means your email should say what you can do for the company and why you’re a good fit to help.

Business owners are busy people. And, to be completely honest with you, they don’t have time to read an email with endless details all about you and nothing about how you can help the company.

While I’m being completely frank with you, not talking about yourself means not

  • giving a sad story about how you really need this job to make ends meet
  • telling a tale about your family or health problems
  • or even how awesome you are without actually applying those qualities to the job posting.

And while we’re on the topic, never, ever write in your application email a list of things you won’t do from the job posting.

Instead, when you apply, make sure when you talk about your strong points, you tell ​why and how your strong points are a good fit for the company.

5. Read your email before you send it.

This is a super short point but really, really important!

Before you hit send, read through your application to make sure

  • you aren’t missing any words
  • you don’t have any grammar or spelling errors
  • and what you said actually makes sense

Read it out loud! That’s the best way to hear it as the recipient will read it.

6. Have a good, solid reputation on social media.

This point is more of a bonus than actually writing your application, but it’s SO IMPORTANT.

The virtual world seems limitless (and in many ways it is). But when it comes to your reputation, it’s pretty small.

Lots of bloggers and course creators have Facebook groups specifically for their followers or students. As many virtual business owners often find talent right within their own community (or in their friends’ communities), the first place to check are their groups. They specifically look at

  • What kind of comments/posts have the applicants made?
  • Have they helped fellow students?
  • Do they communicate effectively?
  • Do they follow group rules?
  • Are they friendly with their interactions?
  • Do they ask a lot of empty questions, or do they seem to do their research before they ask?

If you’ve been making a point to follow group rules, be friendly and helpful, and avoid gossip and harassment, you’re setting yourself up for a good review from someone you may not even know was noticing!

So make sure if you’re part of relevant social media groups that you’re contributing wisely and thoughtfully.

Okay, time to take this all in and think about it. We’ve covered a lot on how to apply to jobs online!

To recap,

  1. Read the entire job posting before you start to apply.
  2. Write your application email specifically for the job posting.
  3. Be enthusiastic!
  4. Keep​ the focus on the employer (instead of you​rself).
  5. Read your email before you send it.
  6. Work on building up a good, solid reputation on social media.

What do you think?

What’s your biggest challenge when applying for a virtual, work-at-home job?

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You’ve got this!